Monday, September 22, 2008

Taiwan Confucian Temple

The Taiwan Confucian Temple is a temple in Tainan City, Taiwan. Construction began in 1665, in the 19th year of the reign of the , during the Southern Ming Dynasty of China, by Zheng Jing, the son of Koxinga, following a suggestion by Chief Military Aide Chen Yonghua, and completed in 1666. The temple had a ''Guoxue'' on its grounds, which is reputed to have been Taiwan's first official Chinese school. It also had a Minglung Hall adjacent to the temple.

In 1685, during the 24th year of the reign of the Kangxi Emperor, the Qing Dynasty official and Taiwan governor Jiang Yuying repaired and renamed the temple Xian Shi Sheng Miao , although it was popularly known as Wen Miao . The Taiwan Prefecture College was also established there.

The temple has been renovated several times over the past 300 years, most recently in 1917 and 1979. Some of its elements include the Stone Arch of Higher Learning and the East Ta Cheng Arch.

The temple serves as a popular tourist attraction and also preserves ancient Confucian ceremonies, which are conducted on a regular basis. The temple also includes storerooms for the ritual implements and musical instruments that are used in these ceremonies.

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